time 12:00 PM

March 26, 2017

#BRUNCHATA… Created for BRUNCH and BACHATA Lovers!!


Join us in our 1st Year Anniversary Celebration as we bring all our Bachata dancing friends together under one roof!
Our mission still the same, “To bring brunch and bachata lovers together! Making life a bit happier and sensual!” Happy eating and dancing!!

We are expecting a full house for this event, please make your brunch reservations ASAP (call GyG 212.473.7878). All tables will be removed by 4pm.

12pm – 4pm: BRUNCHATA Kick Off
Half of the dance floor with tables – Brunchata host will be playing the best mix of Traditional, Modern and Sensual Bachata!
4pm – All tables OFF the floor!
4pm – 4:15pm: Performance by New York Sensual Movement: Daniel and Desiree World Team Project New York
4:15 – 5pm: Guest DJ – Bachata Rosa’s own “DJ Kalmar” aka Dore Kalmar
5pm – 5:15pm: Performance by NYC Bachata Embassy aka NYCBE #hamedymariela
5:15 – 6pm: 1st set – Live Bachata Band by Melvin Elias
6pm – 6:15pm – Performance by Bachawha
6:15 – 7:pm – DJ TRONKY
7pm – 7:30pm: 2nd set – Live Bachata Band by Melvin Elias
7:30pm – 8:pm – Brunchata Host (James Sedano) playing the best mix of Bachatas
8pm – Until everyone drops – DJ Willie Rivera – Playing the best of Bachata and Salsa!

(Approx time schedule)

Thank you for your support!!
The #Brunchata Team: Lauren La Luz, La Mexicana, Wei Wei, Cristobal Ramon, Marcelo Taborga and James Sedano